In gaming this semester i have been playing euro truck simulator, need for speed and farming simulator. i have been sowing crops and earning money to buy new machinery in farming simulator. in need for speed i have been racing cars and improving the vehicles performance. and in euro truck simulator i have been modding the game.

Hurricane Sandy

Recently hurricane sandy hit the big apple (New York) and the power went out for over a week I some places and other places still have no power. Chris (he made the voice thread) went out and took photos of the aftermath of the hurricane and tells you about what happened in New York a week ago. I asked Chris a question about whether the power was back on.

Minecraft School

My minecraft school has 30 spas for students to use after sport. It has 250 chooks for eggs, state of the art canteen and lots of the best stuff such as voice recognition technology (tell doors to open and they will open). You can go in the archery range to improve hand eye cordination. You can also go to french class, chineese class, spanish class, english class, aboriginal class to learn all about different cultures and cook things that these people eat. You also learn to survive out in the bush in activities like scouts.