If you are new in year 7

1. What do you do if you are out of uniform?

if you ride a bike you put it in the bike shed when you come to school. at recess and lunch it is out of bounds to all students as a play area.

2.What do you do if you are out of uniform?

bring a note explaining why you are out of uniform and hand it in at form assembly the teacher will give you a uniform pass to show to the teacher in all of you’re classes.

I assure you year 7 will be heaps more fun than you think it will be. you also get your own locker witch AWESOME!!!!


One thought on “If you are new in year 7

  1. Fair work Ross, but i think you were a little rushed because you wasted some time in class. You need to re-read and see if your writing could be clearer. Why have you repeated the question, without answering it?
    You need to add a few sentences Ross, about what you have found most difficult in Year 7 and give some advice for any new students.

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