Portland parliment roll play

On the 19/07/12 the years 5, 6 and 7 went to the Portland shire office for a parliamentary roll play. We went to learn what happens when a bill is made and the process it goes through. The people that taught us all of the things about parliament where Angela, Mark and Baron they taught us about Victorian parliament. I enjoyed going to martins point after going to Portland it was fun. It was very interesting that when the bells ring they have three minutes to go and vote.it was very fun when everyone was getting picked to go and get the rolls. I was pointing at my friend so he would get picked and he got picked. The room we were in looked like a massive space ship that had been turned into a building. It was really cool though my friend was premier’s assistant. We watched a video and we learnt the history of Victorian parliament I found out that there is 88 seats in parliament and the one party has to get at least 45 seats otherwise they don’t win the election. It was very interesting that Victoria went to get the piece of paper .